2016 entry test organised by IFMGA for Eastern European countries

IFMGA mountain guides formation for individual alpinists from central, east and southeast Europrean countries without IFMGA membership
Dear interested alpinists
As already anounced earlier we (the IFMGA) are on the way to start an guides training and examination for individual candidates from different countries, especially from central, east and south east Europe. This guides training will be organized directly by the technical comitee of the IFMGA with trainers of the expert teams from different member associations. The language of this formation will be english and the contents, duration and difficulty of this formation will be at the level of the IFMGA international platform and the reference manual for Competences and certification of IMGA mountain guides. For the first definite step to this formation will be a meeting with interested candidates, wich is planned for the time of February 25th – 28th 2016 in the Carpathian mountains of Romania. This is a place, that should be easily reached and not to expensive for all. At this date, we will organize a first examination of possible candidates in their skills of skiing, ice climbing and rock climbing. For candidates with a high level in their alpinistic skills, this will already be the entry test for the IFMGA formation. For candidates with a deficit in one or more disciplines this should be just a possibility of a tentative orientation, where we can tell them, what they have to improve to absolve the next entry test and give tipps for further training. At this date the most important point will be, to bring information to all the interested candidates about this formation and of course for us, to see you, to speak with you and to get feedback about the potential for this formation. When there are enough candidates who can fulfill the requirements of the entry test, the first courses could already start in fall 2016. With this mail we will send you also a sheet for a personal alpinistic report, where you can fill in your tours you have already made and informations about your alpinistic CV, some of you already did send me a CV, please fill the form anyway again, then we have all in a similar pattern. When you are interested to become an international certified IFMGA mountain guide, please send back the form with your experience report and tell us, if you are interested already in an entry test or just in information and orientation about your skills and future training tipps. You are invited to come also when you just want more information. Costs for registration will be 40.-EUR per person, costs for accomodation and travel have tob e paid by the participants. I am looking forward to meet you in the romanian mountains in february






Hanno Doenz, IFMGA president






You are invited to forward this informations to all interested alpinists! Hanno Dönz, President Gantschierstr. 74 A-6780 SCHRUNS-AUSTRIA http://www.ivbv.info mail: hanno.doenz@uiagm.info