The IFMGA is an international association of mountain guide associations from all over the world. They represent all mountain guides of their country, which are qualified according to the IFMGA guidelines.
The IFMGA, founded in 1965 by guides from Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy, is currently a body of mountain guide associations from more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Oceania, representing a total of almost 6000 guides.

Aims of the association:

  • Regulation of the mountain guide profession on a global scale
  • Representing the interests of the mountain guiding profession to government agencies
  • Support of a standard law and regulation for the mountain guide profession
  • Determination of mandatory international training standards
  • Reciprocal acceptance of the qualification
  • Support of free professional activity of the mountain guides
  • Support of national associations, especially the one under construction
  • Providing services and assistance for mountain guides