Cancelled: 2018 IFMGA mountain guides training entry test

Unfortunately, the enrolment numbers for the entry test of 2018 have been particularly low compared to last two years. A minimum number of trainees is required by the fact that during the formation period (3 years), statistically, a number of people will leave the training either due to personal reasons, injury or due to failing exams. Unless we have 35-40 candidates registered for the entry test from which to choose, running a training programme has the potential to become both logistically and economically unsustainable for all parties involved.

In consequence, the Technical Commission of the IFMGA with the support from the IFMGA Board has decided not to hold this year an entry test for the East European programme. It is, however, our firm intention to open a new cycle of admission next year and we hope for a greater interest in the training programme visible in a larger enrolment.

Further announcements about the current training programmes as well as future opportunities will be posted here and on our Facebook page at: