Application form entry test 2017

Following the 2017 ENTRY TEST ANNOUNCEMENT below you will find the application form for the 2017 entry test. Please fill in carefully and please do not fill in duplicates! If by any chance the circumstances have changed after you have submitted the form please email us at and we will tackle each case on an individual basis.




You will be required to provide personal identification data (name, surname, dob) contact details (email, phone) and contact details of a next of kin (parent, spouse, sibling, etc) to be used in case of emergency. If you need Romanian visa to be able to travel to take the test please check in the relevant box and email us the requested documents (details in the form).

You will also be required to provide details of your professional qualifications. Please see details here. If you are unsure if your qualifications are suitable please email us at your professional qualifications and wait for our confirmation before continuing with the registration.

Next you will need to fill in the details of a mountaineering resume. A certain number of routes in certain disciplines. Please fill in truthfully and appropriately. Please aim to fulfil at least 70% of the required standards. If unsure that you can fill in at least 70% please email us at your mountaineering resume (organised in the same sections as in the form) and will advise you on a course of action. In this case please wait for our confirmation before continuing with the registration.



In terms of fees you have two options:

Option (A): 170 EUR and includes: 

  • 2 nights accommodation & breakfast in rock climbing location (twin, double or triple rooms, type based availability)
  • 3 nights accommodation & breakfast in ski & ice-climbing location (twin, double or triple rooms, type based availability)
  • return cable car ticket including one large duffle or ski bag
  • entry test fee
  • only 31 slots available on a first-come first-served basis!
  • any other arrangements (transportation, meals etc) are your responsibility.

Option (B): 60 EUR and includes only the examination fee. All other arrangements (travel, accommodation, meals, cable car etc) are your own responsibility.  

In order for your registration to be considered valid the fees need to be paid and a receipt of the transfer should be emailed to stating your name (as in the application form) and for which option you paid for. This is even more important to be stated clearly in the case of a single transfer for multiple applicants. Once the funds have cleared into the IFMGA account you will receive an email of confirmation.

For option (A) only 31 slots are available on a first-come first-served basis. Once the slots fill up we will put a note on the application form as well as on the website and the FaceBook page. From that moment on only option (B) payments will be accepted.

Payment in EURO should be done in this account:

UBS AG, CH-3780 Gstaad,

IVBV-UIAGM, Internationale Vereinigung der

Bergführerverb.nde, CH – 3780 Gstaad

IBAN: CH38 0022 1221 EM10 1572 0


Please mention “East Europe Entry Test” in the comments section of your transfer. Please note that bank charges for the transfer have to be settled at your end.




Day 1 – 6 February 2017: arrival in rock climbing location in the evening; check in.

Day 2 – 7 February 2017: 10:00 briefing; 12:00 onwards rock climbing test

Day 3 – 8 February 2017: 10:00 continue rock climbing test; afternoon/evening travel to ski / ice climbing location

Day 4 – 9 February 2017: after breakfast take cable car to ski location; 12:00 begin ski test

Day 5 – 10 February 2017: 09:00 begin ice and mixed climbing test

Day 6 – 11 February 2017: backup day for testing; check-out, in the afternoon results and feeback; departures at 16:00


Exact locations and how to get there will be posted on the website in January 2017. In order to purchase flight tickets we advise you to look at the following airports in Romania  (in order of proximity to the exam location):  

  • Cluj Napoca 
  • Targu Mures
  • Sibiu
  • Bucuresti

They are accessible by a host of large, commercial airlines as well as the following low-cost companies: Wizz Air, Easy Jet, Blue Air

If you are flying in you will need some form of land transportation from your chosen airport to the exam locations. Available are the following: 

  • car rentals (from the airports)
  • public transport (we advise buses and some of them you can get from the airport) 
  • car-share

In order to facilitate transport and car-pooling you may discuss the options and see what other candidates are doing by accessing this open forum: 

Last time we were quite successful in having everybody transported to and back from the exam sites using the free seats in other candidates’ cars. Plan early! We will try to facilitate communication between candidates but first you will need to engage on the forum in the link mentioned above and sort out your options. Only as last minute resort we will try and help individual cases.

NOTE TO ROMANIAN CANDIDATES: Please visit the forum  and write there (Ask Question button) if you have free spaces in your car, how many and from where to where. Please get involved in helping candidates from abroad to reach the exam sites and back to their airports. Please get involved!

NOTE TO CANDIDATES LOOKING FOR CAR-SHARE: Please be aware that you will need to share the cost of petrol with the car owner and the other occupants of the vehicle. Please provide the driver detailed information on where they can pick you up from, where they should drop you off to, keep in touch with them and if you need to cancel please give them enough notice so they do not travel extra for you nor somebody else is left out.





You can also access the form in a separate screen here: Application Form