East European Mountain Guides Association

Entry test 2017 – Results and beginning of winter module

2017 entry test took place in Romania. Candidates were tested on rock climbing (in climbing shoes and mountaineering boots), ice climbing (steep ice and classical 10 point crampon / one ice axe technique) and ski (ascent and descent). For this 'pro-only" entry test for the adapted curriculum there were candidates from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Read more about Entry test 2017 – Results and beginning of winter module[…]

2016 ski technique improvement course

For all interested parties. In order to prepare for the 2017 Entry test we are oganising an improvement / preparatory ski technique course during 14-15-16 November 2016. The location of the course is Pitztaler Gletscher in Austria. Instructors are Lisa Horst and Tim Fritz from DSLV (Deutscher Skilehrerverband). They are experienced in teaching the ski technique courses for the Read more about 2016 ski technique improvement course[…]

Application form entry test 2017

Following the 2017 ENTRY TEST ANNOUNCEMENT below you will find the application form for the 2017 entry test. Please fill in carefully and please do not fill in duplicates! If by any chance the circumstances have changed after you have submitted the form please email us at admissions@eemga.org and we will tackle each case on an Read more about Application form entry test 2017[…]

IFMGA entry test 2017

IFMGA Announcement Oct 2016 –  Entry Test Guides' Training February 2017   Following the first successful "Eastern European" entry test held in Romania last February, the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA – UIAGM – IVBV) is organising a new entry test for the Guides’ Training Programme in the winter of 2017 in the Carpathians (Romania).   Read more about IFMGA entry test 2017[…]

Results from the 2016 entry test

During 25-28 February 2016 the first entry test organised by the IFMGA for candidates from non IFMGA member countries in East and South Eastern Europe has taken place in Romania. The rock climbing was organised in the Turzii Gorge (Apuseni Mountains) and the ice climbing and ski tests were held in the Fagaras mountains. There Read more about Results from the 2016 entry test[…]

2016 entry test organised by IFMGA for Eastern European countries

Invitation:   IFMGA mountain guides formation for individual alpinists from central, east and southeast Europrean countries without IFMGA membership   Dear interested alpinists   As already anounced earlier we (the IFMGA) are on the way to start an guides training and examination for individual candidates from different countries, especially from central, east and south east Read more about 2016 entry test organised by IFMGA for Eastern European countries[…]

Training programme by IFMGA for Central, Eastern and South- Eastern Europe

A concept   Initial situation:   The IFMGA is the organization of all associations with an internationally recognized mountain guides training and has been existing for 50 years now. At the beginning the members were the classic countries where mountain guiding was practiced in the Alps: Switzerland, France, Austria, Italy and Germany. Over time also Read more about Training programme by IFMGA for Central, Eastern and South- Eastern Europe[…]